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Why Should I Care About Lien Waivers?

Buying a home went from a dream to a nightmare for a Wisconsin couple, after a contractor claimed the previous owner didn't pay him for his work. Mere weeks after moving in, the new owners found a note on the door of their home from a contractor claiming the previous owner hadn’t paid for work done on the house. The letter notified them that the contractor was putting a lien on the property for $27,000, which could mean the new owners are on the hook for that money.

Online Closing Crime is on The Rise…Protect Yourself!

In light of the hacking and cyber-heists we saw in 2017, you have probably taken some precautions with your own data. Password changes, updated security measures, keeping a closer eye on your credit reports. But if you're buying a home and heading to the final closing, you may be more vulnerable than you think to the fastest-growing form of real estate cybercrime in the United States, thefts of home purchase money sent by wire to complete real estate transactions. 

Ten Years After the Mortgage Crisis…What Have We Learned?

Subprime crisis. Securities collapse. Foreclosure rates soaring. In 2008, the real estate market could hardly have been in a worse condition. The fallout from the previous decade of so-called NINJA loans (no income, no assets, no job) and mortgages which required no principal payments hitting the wall of suddenly higher payments on adjustable rate mortgages, especially at a time when many mortgagees were losing their jobs, created a ripple effect throughout the US economy.

Smoothing The Path to Closing

When you’re finally ready to buy or sell your home, the wait for closing can seem endless. You’ve made your choice, you know the time is right for you, but you can’t move in or out yet because all the paperwork has to be completed. The process always takes time, but the difference between a smooth closing and one that is fraught with complications and setbacks can sometimes be small.

The Growing Threat of Wire Transfer Fraud

Buying a home is usually the largest purchase a buyer makes in a lifetime. Even though buyers who take out a loan to purchase do not actually see the money, and in our modern age, the entire transaction is done electronically, there is still a risk that the money can be stolen, diverted to a criminal account through wire transfer fraud.

What Buyers Want From Lenders

Buyers often ask us what they should look for in a lender. What makes one lender stand out from the others? Lenders ask us how they can get the attention of homebuyers in an increasingly crowded field. There are some things that are undeniable truths in the market,  let’s look at them in order to help both lenders and buyers know what makes the difference.

Title Insurance Buys Peace of Mind

Most people, even people just casually browsing houses for sale online, have a dream of what it would be like to buy that perfect home. They imagine the thrill of taking ownership, choosing paint colors, arranging their furniture, etc… but most people never imagine that dream turning into a nightmare.

What to Expect Once You're Under Contract to Purchase a Home or Condo?

When purchasing a home or condo in the Santa Rosa Beach area, the first thing to do with your realtor is
to make an offer and get it accepted by the seller. We get a lot of out of town and out-of- state buyers in
our area. The rules for real estate are different in each state. What is customary here on the Emerald
Coast of Florida may be completely different than what they do in Ocean City New Jersey. So make sure
that your real estate agent explains what you should expect through the entire process of purchasing.
Once both parties have agreed upon price and other terms that are within the contract and everyone
has signed the offer is now considered executed. This does not mean that you now can sit back and just
wait for the closing date to come around. Some people say that this is when the real work starts. There
are contingencies made and agreed-upon in almost every contract for the purchase of real estate.
These contingencies have timelines attached to them that need to be followed strictly. We are going to
go over some of the most common things that need to be done after your offer for purchases been

Lenders Big & Small...Which Is Right For You?

The internet has made many aspects of home buying easier, people now have many more options and choices when house hunting and going through the closing process. Some buyers feel that going with a smaller lender for their home loan is to their benefit, but in this arena, the big guys still have  the edge.

Selling Your Home: Can You Really DIY?

For sale by owner. One sees that sign far less often than you’d expect to. In this modern day and age, many people take tasks that were previously only done by experts (such as travel planning and creating legal documents) into their own hands. Yet people still rely heavily on realtors to sell their houses. Why is that?