51st State is Dream come true for Obama

Just a short two years ago, we heard then candidate Obama proclaimed that, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”.  Normally, I would have considered such a statement as demagoguery until I remembered that just months earlier Obama himself told us that words do, in fact, matter in his now famous “just words” speech.  In retrospect, I am confident that we can all agree that Obama’s proclamation was more than just words.  Like it or not, he has made good on his promise to transform America behind a mantra of “Change we can believe in”.  Unfortunately, it would appear the result may have been “Change we can’t believe”.

Among all the so-called accomplishments, it is surprising that the crowning achievement of the Administration has gone virtually unnoticed as Obama has subtly but proudly affixed a new star to the American flag.  A new state you say?  How could this be? Where is it and what is its name?  Well, actually our newest state has interesting past dating back to the founding of our country.  Although virtually unknown to history, it was generally recognized as the fourteenth colony and became a territory of our fledgling republic in 1776.  Over the next century and a half, the territory would grow in lock-step with the country and would come to represent all of the fundamental virtues on which our country was founded and from which it drew it strength – “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.  A territory comprised of citizens of all ages, nationalities, religions and socio-economic backgrounds in which no one had to attend a sensitivity training class to comprehend the benefits of such a rich diversity.  A territory of citizens devoted entirely to independence and reliance on no one but themselves, their faith and perhaps their neighbor.

Unfortunately, the last half of the 20th Century has seen an erosion of those core values for which earned the territory its reputation for self-reliance. Since the 1930’s, we have seen a clear move toward a territorial dependence on the federal government with the enactment of the Social Security Act.  Legislation which was originally enacted to assist the elderly, blind and dependent children has now morphed into an unrecognizable program of unlimited services and uncontrollable cost.  By and large, social programs have been enacted with good intention but with tragic results.  This trend toward reliance on the on government has accelerated out of control during the first two years of the Obama Administration with the enactment or expansion of a number of programs most notably the unprecedented expansion of unemployment compensation and a total overhaul of our once prestigious healthcare delivery system. So here we are. The stage is set and the time is NOW or NEVER for this Administration to accomplish what many have tried before but with little success.  Without further ado the Obama Administration announce our newest, largest state and most well funded state – “The Nanny State”. The great thing about the Nanny State is that you don’t even have to contribute to get any of the benefits. Hell you don’t even have to be a citizen.  It is kind of like the Love Train, just get on board.

As the Administration made its announcement, the reaction among existing states and territories was swift but mixed. Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuno was just plain pissed, as he suggested that it was PR’s right to be Cincuentra y Uno (51).  Governor Perry of Texas was fuming for another reason as he thinks Texas should consider succession as he believes, “that officials in Washington have abandoned the country’s founding principles of limited government” and Governor Schwarzenegger of California asked if they could join the new state as a co-debtor in its eminent federal bankruptcy.

Take heart, the mid-term election is less than a week away and as Obama remind us, “Elections have consequences”.