One Technology does not fit all

The other day, I received a call from a client who was looking at our website and some of the different technology tools we offered to our clients.  Specifically, he asked if closing via “Paperless Closer was a requirement or an option. He went on to say, that he and his wife were a mature couple and did not feel totally comfortable with the electronic signature aspect of the closing and could best explain his feeling by telling me a brief story about himself. 

It seems that one of his first jobs was as a military analyst.  One of his initial responsibilities was to evaluate the transition and benefits of using the electronic typewriter versus the manual typewriter, clearly the transition continued but I can see how technology can quickly out-run folks. I told him that I understood and that when I first became a young closing attorney that we still had to put carbon paper in between two blank Settlement Statements to make copies. The speed of technology travels so fast today that it is nearly impossible to keep up; even in the real estate closing business, by utilizing  tools like paperless closer, HUD generators and cost calculators we continue to be able to produce a more expedient, efficient product.

Although SETCO continues to offer innovative ways in which to accomplish your closing as efficiently as possible, we also recognize that one size does not fit all and we are committed to working with clients at whatever manner they feel most comfortable starting with the way we answer our phone – with a real person.