Prevent Delays in Your Real Estate Closing

SETCO always double and triple checks every detail of your real estate closing, and SETCO is here to help you see the red flags that will often delay yours closings. Below is a short list of a few examples that SETCO routinely finds that can hold-up or even prevent your closing from happening. Please help us to ensure that, together, we have a 100% close rate.

Fully Executed Contracts
As always, contracts should be fully executed prior to SETCO receiving them. It is imperative that the property address is correct on the contract, that the property on the contract is in fact the actual property being sold, and that there are no other portions of the legal description or additional lot information that is to convey with the property. And, that all sellers who hold title to the property are shown on the contract and that each seller signs it.

Contract Addendums
If there is an addendum that in any way changes the actual contract, closing date, terms, etc., SETCO needs to be provided that addendum as soon as it is executed.

If the Buyer is to close in the name of a Trust, the contract needs to show the Trust’s name “exactly” as it appears on the Trust Agreement; otherwise, a contract addendum has to be done to correct it.

Home Warranties
When a contract specifically states that the seller will provide the buyer a home warranty, it is up to the buying agent to provide the selling agent the information that is needed for the listing agent to order the home warranty. As a title company, SETCO does not order home warranties under any circumstances.

If there are repairs done on the property, please provide us with information and invoices in order for us to list them on the HUD.

And, last but certainly not least…

Asking the sellers if they have a prior survey that has not been altered prior to closing will absolutely speed up your closing process.

These are just a few examples of little ways that we can all work together to ensure a smooth real estate closing for the buyers and sellers. SETCO sincerely appreciates your business, and as always, we are here for you!

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