SETCO is ready for Hurricane season, are you?

Hurricane season has begun, are you prepared? June 1 to November 30 marks hurricane season and although many of us natives think we can ride out any storm, it is still important to be prepared.

June marks hurricane preparedness month

  • Stock up on water NOW. The shelves will be empty if you wait until the last minute.
  • Create a disaster supply kit: to include

o   WATER, WATER , and more WATER

o   Keep cash on you.

o   Food for at least a three-day supply

o   Battery powered radio

o   Flashlight and extra batteries

o   First aid kit

o   Wipes

o    Garbage bags

o   Manual can opener

o   Maps

o    Charged cell phones

o    Prescriptions

o    Important family documents

o   extra  clothing

  • Do you have long nails for plywood? Hurricane proof your home as best you can!Move all furniture indoors and all vehicles into a covered area, if possible.
  • Have a plan if you must evacuate-where you will stay and how you will get there.
  • Organize now what you are going to take with you.
  • Do not leave your animals, find a place to board them or take them with you.
  • Make sure your tank is full of gas; you do not want to be stuck on I-10 with an empty tank when it is time to evacuate!!

Just some friendly tips from SETCO!