Look out highway 98! Lean, Mean, Green Machines are on the road.

If you live or work anywhere from Perdido Key to Panama City Beach, chances are you may have passed by one of our new SETCO courier cars. With their bright colors & beachy feel you can’t miss them! Our couriers work hard to pick up and deliver important documents for SETCO, and we would be lost without them.  Our couriers are made up of 5 energetic team members who always have a smile on their face. Our courier manager is Scott Embree, and his team members include, Vic Desantis, Cheri Self, Terry Padgett and Larry Wickman. SETCO Services, L.L.C. is a full service title company based in Miramar Beach with offices in Seacrest Beach, Panama City Beach and Perdido Key. Please visit www. or call us at 850-650-6161 to find out what SETCO has to offer.