Changing of Seasons Can be Good for Closing on Houses

Although people usually sell their houses in the spring or summer, it has recently been discovered that selling your home in the winter could be a better time to do it. Could the idea that it is harder to sell real estate in the winter be a myth? Emil Hartoonian, a managing partner of The Agency in California, says so. Setco is dedicated to helping our clients with their closings, whether it be in the summer or winter.

Since people most often sell their houses in the spring, the competition for the homes on the market can be crazy. With so many houses for sale, it becomes less likely that the buyer will choose your house. In the winter, however, fewer houses being on the market means that there is less competition among other houses being sold and in turn makes your house more likely to be sold.  

Selling in the winter can also be an ideal time to show off how your home withstands the frigid winter elements. It is also an opportunity to show that your home is prepared for heat at all times of the year because you never know in Florida whether it will be 80 degrees in December or 40 degrees. Showcasing the versatility of your house is a huge plus for potential buyers.

Many people who look at houses on the market are just “window shopping.” They use the springtime when the most houses are on sale to look at them all and figure out what they want and if they wish to move. It is believed that people who view homes in the winter months are more likely to buy it then because they do not want to miss out on it when spring rolls around. There are usually fewer people at open houses in the winter, but that is because it weeds out the people who would just come to view it with no real intentions of buying it. It is also likely that many people who intend on purchasing a house in the winter will have an end of the year bonus which they can put towards a home.

Many people also relocate for work, with the biggest months for corporate relocation being January and February. Often times people who relocate for work have a limited time to find a place to live; these people will usually settle for any house that meets their major requirements.

Setco is aware of these various factors, and we know that even though it may appear as though winter is not the best time to sell a house, it really can be. We aim to help our clients close on a home no matter what time of the year it may be, and we know how to make it happen.

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