Fixing Up Your First Impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? You’ve heard that many times in your life, but have you thought about it in regard to your home? Whether you’re trying to sell your current home or decorating a new one, you want your entryway to make a positive statement about your home.

Chances are, the statement it’s making right now is “busy household”. Think about your entryway. Is the table you throw your keys and mail on each day already covered in the detritus of life from all of your family members? Is the floor a jumble of shoes, backpacks, and cast off coats? This neither entices potential buyers nor charms friends and neighbors who may come to visit. You want the first impression to be “Wow, you live HERE?” not “Wow, you sure do live here.”

Even if you’re not an artistic person, nor have a decorator’s touch, there are still some easy ways you can improve your foyer’s look. Surprising paint colors, such as one bright wall in yellow or mint, can lift the mood and make the entry feel welcoming and warm. Painting in sun-washed summer colors, like sea foam or pale coral, can convey a relaxed beach house vibe even if you’re landlocked in the city. Or, go clean and modern with stark white walls trimmed in shiny black.

If your foyer is large, create intimacy with darker colors, warm lighting and a cozy rug. With a small foyer, give the impression of space with bright, patterned wallpaper or a floral print, and a large mirror as an accent piece. You can also create a formal foyer with an elegant divider screen.

Then, of course, the all important entry table. How important is it, really? Surely, every visitor to your home doesn’t need to see your piled up pocket change and crumpled receipts! Consider a small chest of drawers with one for each family member, or an étagère with cabinet doors to keep the odds and ends out of sight. A tilt-out shoe bin gives footwear a convenient way to stay out of sight while still being easily accessible.

As for the decor on the table, less is always more. Most people want to place family photos here, but resist the temptation to have a shrine to yourselves be the first thing someone sees. Instead, adhere to the rule of three, and group together a set of different sized jars or decorative bottles. Another idea is to choose a large floral arrangement with two smaller pieces that echo the colors and aesthetic. Use a dramatic piece of art as a focal point and find a few tabletop accessories to compliment it.

Lastly, consider adding a bench or some small poufs or ottomans. Giving guests or potential buyers a place to sit to remove their shoes, gather their thoughts or discuss their first impressions is always an appreciated touch. It adds an upscale, luxurious feel to the first and last room your visitors see.

Whether you’re saying good-bye to your old home or hello to a new one, Setco Title Services wants to make a great impression on you!

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