House for Sale, Nice and...Loud?

A word you often see in real estate listings is “quiet”. Quiet neighborhood, quiet street, quiet area…quiet seems to have a great deal of appeal in the world of home buying. What if your house doesn’t have that attribute? A home on a busy street may seem like a tough sell, but there are actually some upsides and ways you can make your home’s bustling location work for you.

One of the best things about selling a house on a high traffic street is the exposure! All the drivers passing by will have no choice but to look at your for sale sign and see the home. What’s more, if the road is a part of someone’s daily commute, the location may be more appealing to them, since it’s on their way to work. Or, if your home is on a main street with retail businesses, those who like to be able to walk to local shops could find the hustle and bustle exciting.

That fact that your home is in a busy area is not going to be a secret to people who are interested, so if they come to look at it, you already know they’re not entirely opposed to the location. There are some ways you can increase its appeal, such as adding a stone wall or wooden fence at the property line, not only to provide protection but also a visual barrier to the road. This also has the benefit of appealing to pet owners.

Make the yard furthest from the road noise (back or front) a haven by adding a water feature to muffle noise. Noise reducing windows can be impressively effective if you have traffic sounds to contend with inside the home, and if the road view is unappealing, add attractive window treatments for visual appeal as well as privacy.

If all else fails, and you’re not attracting residential buyers, check into zoning laws and find out if your home can be sold as a commercial property. Says realtor Kathryn Bishop of Kathryn Bishop Realty, "Typically a residential home on a busy street has a market value that is lower than comparable [homes] on the nearby quiet streets. You have to adjust the price lower for the noise and car emissions. However, if it has commercial use, the market value will be comparable to other commercially used properties in the same or similar neighborhoods." This is due to the fact that the high traffic and high visibility that residential buyers may find off-putting, is a boon to commercial buyers who want to attract customers.

Selling a house on a busy road may be more challenging and require some ‘outside of the box’ thinking, you may have to wait a bit to find your perfect buyer, or compromise on price in the end, but taking the time before you put the house up for sale to really enhance all the positives of your home will pay off in the long run.

If you need any advice about selling a personal or business location on one of our lovely Panhandle beach roads, or if you have your eye on a specific home that you pass frequently but wonder about the traffic and noises, Setco Services will be happy to help you out with any questions or concerns. Our professionals live and work locally, when you speak to a Setco title agent, they have their own knowledge of the neighborhood to add to what you yourself have discovered. Finally, when you are ready to close, SETCO is ready to go to make your closing journey quick and easy.  

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