6 Quick tips to prevent getting caught in a scam

6 Quick scam tips to look out for:

More Fraud Cases! Be on the lookout!

Fraudulent Release of Mortgages and Deed of Trusts

Smart Phone Fraud

At SETCO Services, we believe nothing should hinder your real estate closing, especially fraud. Recent reports from the Florida Land Title Association have shown instances of real estate fraud using smart phones.

One Technology does not fit all

The other day, I received a call from a client who was looking at our website and some of the different technology tools we offered to our clients.  Specifically, he asked if closing via “Paperless Closer was a requirement or an option. He went on to say, that he and his wife were a mature couple and did not feel totally comfortable with the electronic signature aspect of the closing and could best explain his feeling by telling me a brief story about himself. 

Even Good Guys can get SCAMMED!!

In a previous posting, I reviewed certain changes to the Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase recently adopted by the Florida Association of Realtors and the Florida Bar Association.  As discussed, one notable change to the new form was the manner by which Deposits will be handled by the Escrow Agent.  Instead of Deposits being subject to “ CLEARANCE” they will now be subject to “COLLECTION” which means that the funds must be actually and totally collected.  The intent here is to insure that funds provided to the Closing Agent are GOOD!!  This new terminology attempts to circumvent efforts to defraud the Closing Agent which efforts are enhanced during difficult economic periods.