What Does A Title Company Really Do?

It’s common knowledge that you have to have a title company for a real estate transaction, but many people do not understand what their title company actually does.

The very basic explanation of the title company’s purpose is to search and review the property’s history. This sounds like a very simple task, but what the title company actually does is a great deal more complex and much more important than that basic description would imply.

Because many residential properties have had multiple owners, it is easy for a small discrepancy in paperwork to be hiding somewhere in the home’s history. A missed signature, an unresolved lien, a property line dispute that was never settled. Sometimes these small issues slip through the cracks and the last thing you want is for it to come to light years down the road, when you are settled in and happy in your home, and suddenly there is an old issue that is your responsibility, even though it had nothing to do with you.

A home is the likely to be the largest investment you make, having a title company that does a thorough job is of utmost importance. This process sometimes takes time, but it is time well spent. The good title company will take as long as it needs to to cover every last detail of each transaction in the home’s history, in order to make certain you have a free and unencumbered title to your home.

No matter how many disputes or inaccuracies may be discovered by your title company, this is a good thing. Once they are discovered, they can be dealt with and corrected, thus allowing you the peace of mind that your home is fully yours and there are no secrets lurking in a file cabinet somewhere that could raise a question as to your ownership later on.

Your title company is also tasked with overseeing all legal signatures and transfers of documents as well as the money. This is a very important role in the home buying process and you need to choose your title company with care. You want a team of specialists who know your area and who will take the time to really investigate every last bit of your prospective home’s history and paperwork. At SETCO we strive hard to make sure you have the best possible experience. We want you to feel confident and secure as you go into your home buying experience.  Please click below to discover more about the title services that the professionals at SETCO can offer you.


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